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Рамусс Р., Ж. Метрал, М. Ле Берр [Ramousse R., Métral J., Le Berre M.]

Демографические катастрофы в популяции альпийских сурков (Marmota marmota, L. 1758) Центрального Массива (Франция), [Demographic accidents in a population of Alpine marmots (Marmota marmota, L. 1758) of the Central Massif (France). Accidents démographiques dans une population de marmottes alpines (Marmota marmota, L. 1758) du Massif Central (France)] with slide presentation in Russian and English..

Прошлое, настоящее и будущее сурков Евразии: Сборник научных трудов, А.А. Никольский, К.И. Беловежец, О.В. Брандлер, М.: АБФ Медиа, 79-88..

ключевые слова
Dynamique des populations, population dynamics.

краткое содержание
Article is dedicated to analysis of population dynamics of Alpine marmot in Mézenc Massif (France) during last 15 years (1995-2010) including several demographic crises, which authors propose to name “demographic accidents”. The discussed population of marmots was created artificially in 1980 and monitored since 1988. Authors have possibility to observe development of an isolated population almost since its foundation, and they have the as full information about basic demographic parameters as it is possible. This expérience is unique and actuality of the research has no doubt. Authors pay attention to those years when population demonstrated significant decrease, against the general trend of population growth. Analysis of these events demonstrates that death rate during crises (“accidents”) has different structure. Two major types of demographic accidents are described: first is connected to decrease of reproductive adults and juveniles’ proportion (reproductive crisis), and second is characterized by high hibernation mortality and high reproductive activity next year (hibernal crisis).

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