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Ramousse R. & Le Berre M.

Twenty seven years monitoring of an alpine marmot introduction in a rural ladscape [Vingt-sept années de suivi d'une introduction de la marmotte alpine dans un paysage rural]. .

In Abstracts of the VI marmot meeting, Marmots in a changing world, 15-16..

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Marmota marmota, introduction, conservation, Mézenc, France.

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Marmots were introduced in the rural landscape of the Mézenc massif (France) in 1980. Since then an annual monitoring was performed. The monitoring protocol included five counts per year for each known family group and new discovered marmot settlements. In 2007, the number of marmots doubled since 2000, despite a population crash in 2001. The 494 marmots distributed into 86 sites spread an area of about 200 square kilometers. Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) analyzed demographic and environmental parameters of each site. Marmot reproduction was high in anthropenic site (meadows, dry stone walls, elevation under 1200 m) instead of null or almost null in more natural landscapes (heathlands, screes and upper elevation). But, although latter sites were not favourable for breeding, some of them were regularly occupied and could act as temporary shelter sites for dispersers. A better understanding of the process of marmot colonization in rural area could eventually reconcile the interests of farmers and tourism players. Maintaining the marmot population would participate in the sustainable development of the Mézenc Massif.

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