Dispersion and Colonization
by Mezenc Marmots

Caption: Increase Steady Decrease Disparition

The Demographic Accident of 1993

The mapping affects 27 sites analysed in 1992-93.
Related to the demographic change between these two years, 4 categories of change were observed:
Sites where number in 1993 was higher than in 1992 (green dots)
Sites where number in 1993 was the same as in 1992 (blue disks)
Sites where number in 1993 was lower than in 1992 (red disks)
Sites where marmots disappeared in 1993 (black disks)

Results :
8 sites increased their number, with 20 animals more
5 sites had steady number
12 sites reduced their number, with 32 animals less
Marmottes totally disappeared in 1 site

On the whole, marmot population loosed 11 individuals and its increasing rate falled to -10 %

Look at the mapping of each demographic accident:

Citation : mezenc.linneenne-lyon.org/cartoacc.php - © 2012-2022, Le Berre M., Metral J. (ONCFS), Putz O. (LPO) & Ramousse R.

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