Dispersion and Colonization
by Mezenc Marmots

Analysis of Colonization Directions related to Distances

The graph on the right represents, for each site, the relation between distance and direction of colonization in relation to the former site of Gandoulet.
This graph allows to establish that site repartition is neither homogeneous, nor continuous according to the cardinal directions of space.
The western half of the compass card ( from 180° to 360°) shows a strong occupation for distances lower or around 5 km (usually the years following releasings).
The quadrant 90°/180° (East to South) is less used than the others, particularly for distances shorter than 7 km, reminding that this quadrant has been avoided during the first years of colonization.
The North-East quadrant (0 to 90°) is poorly but regularly used by the marmots.

Flying over the points with the mouse let appear their coordinates (distance in m, direction in °).

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