Dispersion and Colonization
by Mezenc Marmots

Analysis of Colonization Distances

Colonization distances correspond to straight line distance between each marmot site and the reference point Gandoulet. The graph on the right shows the changes of distance (vertical axis, in meters) related to the year of settlement.
Up to 1988, marmots stayed in a radius of 3 km around the releasing point.
From 1989 to 1996, they don't withdraw of more than 5 km.
from 1996, new settlements ocuured between 5 et 10 km from reference point.
From 2004, new sites are observed in a same quantity between 1 and 5 km as well as between 7 and 17 km: densification of the la pioneer area and extension of the colonization.
In 2007, the most remote points of colonization were situated at 15 and 17.5 km from the reference point.

Flying over the points with the mouse let appear their coordinates (settling year, distance in meters).

Citation : mezenc.linneenne-lyon.org/bildis.php - © 2012-2022, Le Berre M., Metral J. (ONCFS), Putz O. (LPO) & Ramousse R.

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